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Audio Solution FAQs

What are audio and video codecs?

A video or audio Codec (Compression/DeCompression) is a software component allowing to encode data to be stored on a media (CD, DVD, etc...) and/ to decode it to be visualized or heard. There are also so-called "hard" codecs usually embedded to camcorders or digital video players or professional and semi-professional video cards for video editing and composing.

I am using McFunSoft Audio Editor. What is the easiest way to blend two separate audio files. Ex. I want to fade one out while the other song is fading in simultaneously.

First of all, open one of files, copy it, and close it, and then paste it in a new-opened file. You can use "fade" to work on your selected file. Fade out the second file in the first place, and put the cursor at its original position, then mix it.

How to transform stereo files to mono files?

You could select "mono" in the output format, then the saved file would be "mono".

How to make a piece of music faster using the McFunSoft Audio Editor. I see that there is a "stretch time" function, but not a "compress time" function.

In "Stretch time" ,100% means the original speed, if you want to speed up, please adjust it to "150%" or something, and if you'd like to slow down, please adjust to "50%" or something.

At the end of the song I get a loud scratch whenever I use fade out. How can I make a fade out last longer?

Please select scratch, and then click the key "del" to delete it.

How to add a complete seperate track with the first track playing that i recorded? I only have on track to record ?

Please follow the belowing steps:
1,save track 1 to file1.mp3
2,open track 2 and use Menu->Edit->Mix from file, choose file1.mp3
3,you got it.

How to get songs on the music editor from another source, so you can start to cut music?

Please go to "play"->"record", and record your file by select the right audio source.

How do I use McFunSoft Audio Editor to record from an LP or cassette?

McFunSoft Audio Editor can be used to record from any available source. Therefore, you should make the necessary hardware connection from your stereo or other source device to your sound card. Now, within McFunSoft Audio Editor, select the connection used on your sound card as the input source for recording. Start playback on your stereo or other device, and click the record button on the McFunSoft Audio Editor window. When the audio content playback is complete, you can press Stop in McFunSoft Audio Editor, and save the recording via the Save As command. You should keep in mind the frequency at which recordings are saved.

How to get songs on the music editor from another source, so you can start to cut music?

Please go to "play"->"record", and record your file by select the right audio source.

How can I tell if my CD supports digital audio extraction?

If McFunSoft Audio CD Grabber doesn't seem to work with your CD, try a different program -- you can find many shareware and freeware programs at

I am using McFunSoft Audio CD Grabber. I can't rip any tracks at all. Help!

Try to change the jitter correction in the Settings. If that doesn't work, in the Settings dialog, try using the "Autodetect" read method. If it still doesn't work, try the others individually. If none of this helps, send an email to with the make and model of your CD rom, operating system Win95/98/NT, 2000), whether it's a SCSI, ATAPI, CD-R, etc. and a description of the problem. It's also possible that your drive simply doesn't support digital audio extraction -- while most SCSI drives support digital audio extraction, not all IDE drives do.