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Technical FAQs
This FAQ covers common support and usage questions related to the products. Questions of a more technical nature are covered by the Customer Service. If you have questions about your purchase, registration or customer account, please read the Ordering FAQs.

What are the recommended operating system configurations for Video Convert Master?

Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, or Window Vista.

What is the System Requirement of Video Convert Master?

Minimum System Requirements
Microsoft Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista (all of the last updates installed are recommended)
Intel or AMD or compatible processors at 166 MHz minimum
Display graphics minimum resolution of 800x600x 256 color
RAM 32 megabytes (MB)
Minimum 40 MB of free hard disk space is needed for installation, minimum 100 Mb for proper working
Administrative permissions are required for installation
Internet connection to register the product
Sound card

How can I get rid of the message in the middle of the finished movie?

The ad banner is only in the trial version. If you purchase the program and enter the license, there will be no text or other messages in your movies.

The key is invalid after i changed a new computer to use this product. Why?

Our software is licensed by computer, like the other software in the world. That means once you use another computer or upgrade your main parts – CPU, RAM, HD of it, you need to purchase another license if you want to use in this new PC. It is just like you purchase different Windows licenses in different computers. Well, considering the situation that you are faced with, I can give you a discount as a back customer. Please provide me with your purchase information in your former order. Once I confirm it, the discount link will be sent to you.

Could you please let us know more function about this product?

Please download our software and have a FREE try on it. We want you to be 100% satisfied with it before you do the purchase. You can refer to the help file firstly, and the detailed step-by-step instructions are listed out. This is the fastest way to figure out the question you asked.

I have enter the Key code several times and it says that it is invalid.

Please make sure: a. You have the latest version downloaded from our website. b. You enter the key code without space. c. You enter your name and organization with key code. At least fill NA in the organization if you do not want it.

I lost my registration password and I want to reinstall Video Convert Master. What should I do now?

Please send us the software name and your purchase information (such as invoice number, order number) ,and where you placed the order (Element5, PayPal or the other service provider). We will give you the registration key within one business day after confirmed it.

I'm trying to find a video converter to convert wmv and/or mpg to asf so that I can stream it with a Windows Media Server. Does your software do this?

There is not need to convert wmv to asf. Windows Media Server supports wmv files perfectly. WMV is a more advanced format than ASF, we may say that ASF is a previous version of WMV.

I've installed the latest version of Video Convert Master. Do I have to register it again? How can I figure out if the registration is complete or not?

You can easily find out if your registration is complete or not through: a) If you have an unregistered version installed at your computer, it would remind you to register, and what you have to do is entering Serial number. b) There is no watermark banner in the middle of the screen of output files after your Video Convert Master has been registered.

Is there a user guide or manual available for this software?

You can download the User Manual from our Document Center. You also can use our Help file which is included in the toolbar after you launch in. If you still got some questions beyond these answers, please contact our support team at

When I attempt to convert wmv to mpeg it works, but only converts 10 seconds of each file?

Please check "Edit Profile" to see whether you customize the "time control" or not. Convert time=Star time- end time.

I can't get any sound when trying to capture video from the TV tuner.

please go to the Audio Source page and check the settings (Device...). And please make sure that the "Enable audio recording" , "Render Audio" and "Mute audio Rending" in "Step2, choose audio Source" page is checked.

When I try to convert an avi file to a variety of other formats (including wmv, swf, and mpeg-2), I get this message: Invalid new backstep 1008

Please go to Burn DVD->Settings->click the check box "use directshow".

McFunSoft Video Solution makes capture of analog video files, but do not compress it. When I use Dvix codec, I can see the watermark Dvix on play back file, but the volume is similar to original file?

Please go to "capture"->Step 3 , record, then click the check box "AVI or MPEG" to customize "Video and Audio Compression" in the drop list.

How to use VCD as the input and convert it into AVI?

Please select the .DAT file in your VCD file, then convert this . DAT file to AVI.

I got the following message "Directshow source: I can't determine the frame rate of the video, you must use the "fts" parameter. (C:/Program Files/Video Convert Master/Directshow.avs, line 2).

Please edit C:/Program Files/Video Convert Master/profile/Directshow.avs ->DirectShowSource("<%InputFile%>")" to "DirectShowSource("<%InputFile%>",fps=29.970,convertfps=true)". (the fps paremeter 29.970 is jus an example, please specify the fps parameter by checking your input files)->using Video Converter Master to convert.

After trying different applications a message popped up that .exe is a pc file and Macintosh computers cannot use them

Sorry we could not provide Mac Version currently.

I tried to convert wmv to dvd. It went along well. However when I went to play the converted file with the dvd player software I have, or the test dvd I burned, the screen was black for all the scenes and the first 10-20 seconds of sound were only clicks then nothing.

Please go to Burn DVD->Settings->click the check box "use directshow".

About Video Capture, it says " Failed to start preview". It also says TV tuner is not available for this video capture device.

One application could not be occupied by two software. Please be sure that only Video Capture is running this the application, and then try it again.

I got a error message saying ""Error while opening codec for output stream # 0.0 - maybe incorrect parameters such as bitrate, rate, width or height"."

Please open directshow, DVD Burning -> settings -> use directshow, or selected "Medium Quality" in "Settings".

When I hit burn tells me access has been denied. Using vista.

Please login as "administrator" when you start your computer.

When I try to use video converter I keep getting the error message: Cannot Create file "C:\Program Files\Video Convert Master\~convert.bat". Access Is Denied

The problems happened is because you have no permission to write to C:\
So you have to be sure you can write to your C drive. I suggest you can login as "Administrator" when start your computer and use our software again.

I have a problem with is keeping the audio in sync with video.

Please go to Burn DVD->Settings->click the check box "use directshow".

How to convert some VHS tapes to DVD or AVI type formats?

You need a card or wire to connect the VHS tape and your computer, then please use McFunSoft Video solution to convert it into AVI format.

Error message says "unable to write to c:\program files\video convert master\codec.dll"

Please re-install Video Convert Master to a different directory and then launch Video Convert Master again.

It won’t allow me to burn my clips in ‘High Quality’

The output DVD file size will be much bigger than the input file, you could see the volume size bar when burning, the limitation is 5000MB, and if the output file is bigger than that, you could not use "High Quality"

every time I start a conversion, the progress bar just flashes very quickly then the screen turns to a completely black one, like the prompt command for MS-Dos.

There maybe some audio or video codec missing in your computer. We recommend you to download and install K-Lite Codec Pack and use directshow to decode.
1. Download and install K-Lite Codec Pack.
2. Burn DVD->Settings->DirectShow-> Check Use DirectShow.
3. Add your files and convert it.

convert rm files to mpeg2 or mpeg1 format. The finished files cannot be played with windows media player or any other players apart from windows media player classic.

There maybe some audio or video codec missing in your computer. We recommend you to download and install K-Lite Codec Pack and use directshow to decode.
1. Download and install K-Lite Codec Pack.
2. Burn DVD->Settings->DirectShow-> Check Use DirectShow.
3. Add your files and convert it.

Where it saves files (video and .jpg) when using Video Capture Feature?

Please go to the install directly, mostly it is in C:\Program Files\McFunSoft Video Capture\OtherDevices\Default Note if you use DV Capture (or TV Tuner Capture) as the hardware, the file would be saved in C:\Program Files\McFunSoft Video Capture\DVCapture(or TVTunerCapture)\Default.

When I put in a dvd/rw disc which is recognized as a r/w dvd disc in the d drive, when I go to burn it on the program, it says "Media not writable, or no media. Please insert a writable media". what is this problem??

There are two reasons to cause this problem. One is you did not connect the DVD Recorder and computer correctly. You can go to "My Computer" to check if you can find "DVD-RAM Drive" The other is because the DVD disc you try to burn has be written. Sometimes the DVD disc did not record file but it recorded data, so the disc can not be write again though it is said "Empty" Please empty (erase) you DVD RW first, or use a new disc and then try it again. You have to make sure both hardware and DVD disc workable.

I got this error message: avcore.dll has encountered a problem and needs closed.

Please press "setting" button and click the check box "Use DirectShow" .

When burning DVD, it saying "Preparing Image", then no response.

Please convert the file into mpeg format and then burn it to DVD again.

Question about DVD Ripper. The converted file's video portion is out of sync with the audio. It seems like the video is too slow, but every 5 seconds or so the video blurs and the two are in-sync again. This process repeats itself throughout the converted file.

Please go to Setting->Global to tick the check box "A/V Synch"

I insert the dvd into the disc drive, and using DVD Rip Master the open dvd button, select the Video_TS folder from the dvd. From here I received several error messages including:
Unable to parse as an IFO-File
IFO parsing failed
You are going to open a DVD file with key search disabled. This may cause crash. Do you want to continue?
Unable to read from ":D:\Video_TS\VTS_01_1.vob"
MPEG2Dec: Error during decoder initialization

This is because you DVD is encrypted. Please go to settings->settings… F2->Global->DECSS->Click the check box "Demacro" and select other options of "key research" in the drop list, and try again.

When I rip DVD I got "Done 0 frames Total encoding time 00:00"

That's because the DVD is encrypted. Please go to you install directory, mostly it is in C:\Program Files\DVD Rip Master open the drip.ini with notepad, and add "CENT=1" in line 2. (under line 1 [config]) If your line 2 in drip.ini file is "CNET=0", please change it to "CNET=1"

Is there a way to rip a dvd in a high resolution without breaking it into multiple files?

Please click "Setting..."->select "Infinite" option in the drop list of "Volume don't exceed".

I am using McFunSoft Audio Editing. What is the easiest way to blend two separate audio files. Ex. I want to fade one out while the other song is fading in simultaneously.

First of all, open one of files, copy it, and close it, and then paste it in a new-opened file. You can use "fade" to work on your selected file. Fade out the second file in the first place, and put the cursor at its original position, then mix it.

How to transform stereo files to mono files?

You could select "mono" in the output format, then the saved file would be "mono".

How to make a piece of music faster using the McFunSoft Audio Editor. I see that there is a "stretch time" function, but not a "compress time" function.

In "Stretch time" ,100% means the original speed, if you want to speed up, please adjust it to "150%" or something, and if you'd like to slow down, please adjust to "50%" or something.

At the end of the song I get a loud scratch whenever I use fade out. How can I make a fade out last longer?

Please select scratch, and then click the key "del" to delete it.

I want the music track to be a little softer than the voice track I am overlaying. Parts of the music track get louder to the point I can no longer hear the voice /increase the volume.

Please click "Effect->Amplitude->Amplify" to magnify volume.

How to add a complete seperate track with the first track playing that i recorded? I only have on track to record ?

Please follow the belowing steps:
1,save track 1 to file1.mp3
2,open track 2 and use Menu->Edit->Mix from file, choose file1.mp3
3,you got it.

How to get songs on the music editor from another source, so you can start to cut music?

Please go to "play"->"record", and record your file by select the right audio source.

I got error message "Access violation at address 7C910A0A in module ntdll.dll. Read of address FFFFFFFD"

It is a exception. Some of your system files are damaged.
1.Please delete all related folders of the software, and then download and install it again.
2. If you remove the former version completely and install the new version but still got the same error, please right click my computer->properties->System Restore to repair your system.

Does you product support Windows Media 9?

More advanced than the other converter, Video Convert Master supports Windows Media 9. Moreover we are watching for the new releases of Microsoft and include support for them in our programs. We will update our software with the tech advancement.

What are audio and video codecs?

A video or audio Codec (Compression/DeCompression) is a software component allowing to encode data to be stored on a media (CD, DVD, etc...) and/ to decode it to be visualized or heard. There are also so-called "hard" codecs usually embedded to camcorders or digital video players or professional and semi-professional video cards for video editing and composing.

What video formats are supported by Video Convert Master?

is short for "Audio Video Interleave", the original Microsoft file format for Microsoft's Video for Windows standard. It is an audio video standard designed by Microsoft and is apparently proprietary and Microsoft Windows specific. It is a format developed for storing video and audio information. Files in this format have an .AVI extension. However, Video for Windows does not require any special hardware, making it the lowest common denominator for multimedia applications.

MPEG Gives excellent compression with little loss in quality of the video. MPEG support three types of data - video, audio and streaming. There are a number of standards: among them there are two flavors of MPEG available today. MPEG-1 was designed to provide VHS video quality and CD audio quality at a combined data rate of 150 kilobytes per second. MPEG-1 is displayed at 30 frames per second in a frame that is 352x240 (horizontal x vertical) pixels in size. This allows relatively high quality video images to be stored in relatively small file sizes for playback across computer networks or CD-ROM delivery. MPEG-2 is the other side of the compression coin. It is a broadcast standard specifying a playback size of 720 x 480 pixels at 60 fields per second. Data rates can range from 2 to 10 megabits per second. This means large file sizes and data rates that require specialized hardware for playback. MPEG-2 is one of the core compression technologies for DVD. See the MPEG site for more information.

WMV This is Microsoft's new standard for audio and video which is closely tied with the Windows Operating System. The player is able to play Windows Media Video (.wmv) and Advanced Streaming Format (.asf) files, and also other formats such as QuickTime, AVI, MPEG and MP3. See the Windows Media site for more information.

RM/RMVB RealMedia provides one of the oldest and most widespread (85% of all web-accessing computers have RealPlayer installed) Web delivery formats. The RealMedia files (.rm) can be viewed using RealPlayer 3 and above. For more information see the RealNetworks site and their user information site.

MOV MOV is a file extension for QuickTime Video Clip. QuickTime is a video and animation system developed by Apple Computer. QuickTime is built into the Macintosh operating system and is used by most Mac applications that include video or animation. PCs can also run files in QuickTime format, but they require a special QuickTime driver. QuickTime supports most encoding formats, including Cinepak, JPEG, and MPEG. QuickTime is competing with a number of other standards, including AVI and ActiveMovie. For more information see the Apple site and their Support page.

What is bitrate?

Bitrate very often used when speaking of video or audio quality and file size -- defines how much physical space one second of audio or video takes in bits (note: not in bytes). The higher the bitrate, the more times per second the original sound is sampled, thus yielding a more faithful reproduction and better sound. When choosing an MP3, weigh the advantage of a higher bitrate against the size of the file. Generally speaking, a bitrate of 128 kbps or higher will provide satisfactory sound quality.

Constant Bit Rate (CBR) encoding maintains the same bitrate throughout an encoded file.

Variable Bit Rate (VBR) is an MP3 encoding method that's used when file size is not an issue. Unfortunately Video Convert Master decodes VBR but doesn't encode it.

Selecting the proper bit rate for your projects depends on the playback target: if you're making a VCD for playback on a DVD player, the video must be exactly 1150 Kbps and the audio 224 Kbps.

What is frame rate?

In basic terms, a video can be thought of as being made up of numerous snapshots, called frames. Frame Rate defines how many pictures eg. frames one second of video or audio contains, normally used acronym for framerate is fps - frames per second. Human eye can't see picture changes after the framerate is more than ~24fps.

Video files with higher frame rates show motion better but have larger file sizes. Typical frame rates are 29.97 for NTSC video (in American TV system), 25 for PAL (European system) video, and 24 for film. When exporting low-bandwidth versions, select a frame rate that is 1/2, 1/3, or 1/4 of the original frame rate. Setting a frame rate higher than the original frame rate will make the file larger but will not improve the quality.

Note that MPEG format only supports 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30 frame rates.

My Windows Media Player will not play my newly converted DVD file. What should I do?

Windows Media Player requires installation of special plug-ins to be able to play DVDs. You can download them from the official Microsoft site.

What can I do with Video Convert Master?

Video Convert Master is designed to meet all your needs of convert file between AVI, Divx, MPEG4, MPEG1, MPEG 2, VCD, SVCD, DVD, WMV, MOV, ASF formats. An easy-in-use user interface, high-quality and high-speed converting techs are all realized over this powerful tool. It also can batch or split different video formats.

How to report bugs?

Please email any bugs or suggestions to Generally, you will get our support within 24 hours.

How much is Video Convert Master?

The price for Video Convert Master is US$24.95 per license. But there is some discount for special customers such as Packet buyer, or back-customer. If you have several PC, or in one-PC & one-NB solution, we strongly recommend you purchase packet, because it is the highest benefit we can offered.

What is VBR?

Variable bit rate (VBR) encoding is an alternative to constant bit rate encoding and is supported by some codecs. Where CBR encoding strives to maintain the bit rate of the encoded media, VBR strives to achieve the best possible quality of the encoded media.
The quality of encoded content is determined by the amount of data that is lost when the content is compressed and decompressed. Many factors affect the loss of data in the compression process, but in general, the more complex the original data and the higher the compression ratio, the more detail is lost in the compression process.

What is Windows Media Format?

Windows Media Format is a proprietary format designed primarily for streaming audio, video and text from Internet servers to client computers. A Windows Media file can also be stored and played locally. Each Windows Media file contains one or more media streams that together form a multimedia presentation. Stream delivery is synchronized to a common timeline. The following list presents the key features of Windows Media Format:
A Windows Media file can be transported over any underlying data communication transport protocol. Windows Media Format does not specify the format of data packets for different network protocols.
Windows Media Format is scalable to any bandwidth. A single input stream can be encoded into multiple output streams within a single Windows Media file. Each scaled stream differs by the bit rate at which it can be rendered, and only one can be rendered at a time. The Windows Media server uses intelligent streaming to send the highest quality stream a client is capable of receiving.
The delivery and presentation of multiple media streams is synchronized to a common timeline. The media data inside a Windows Media file is time-stamped.
A Windows Media file can contain one video, one audio and one script stream.
A client does not need to store Windows Media-based content to play a multimedia stream.

Is Technical Support provided?

Yes, FREE technical support is provided for all registered users of our products. If you have any queries, suggestions or feedback, please feel free to contact our technical team via

How do I find out about new software updates?

We will send mails to our registered customers with new update release. If you do not want any disturbing in your personal email, you can stop it in the mail we sent you. You also can pay some attention to our website to see new update, tips, gift for customers and articles.

I changed my E-mail address. What should I do?

If you changed your email address, please contact us. We will change it in our database, so that we could service you as before.

I want to customize software for our customers. Can you provide it?

Yes, we can. We need more information about this project.
1. What kind of software do you want, and please list out the software you need in our online software;
2. Who is your customers? We will raise up a solution for you after we know the customers background, including GUI color and software design style.

Will I get a hardcopy (CD) for the software I purchased?

CD on demand will cost additional fee, only $14.95. We don't suggest you order it since we upgrade our products often and you can get the latest version of software from our website for free at any time.

How can I reinstall the program?

If you want to reinstall the program, please download it at Download Center. You can reinstall it after the downloading. If you are a registered user, just enter the license you had before, and then you could use it as before.

How do I uninstall Video Convert Master?

To uninstall Video Convert Master, click 'Start' from your Windows Taskbar, go into 'McFunSoft Multimedia Series' and select Uninstall tab.

Do you produce a version of Video Convert Master for the Mac?

No, but Video Convert Master support MOV (Quick Time Apple video format for the Macintosh) in converting.

Can you tell me more about downloading in your website?

The time of download depends on several things:
• Size of the download file
• Type and speed of your connection to the internet
• Overall speed of the internet

The information box at the right of each product description page will inform you on the estimated time of download of that particular product. For example, for a product of 20 Mb in size, these are the likely times of download:
Type of connection
T1 - 38 seconds
ISDN - 22 minutes
28.8 Time - 100 minutes

You will have only a few authorized attempts to download from the given URL (internet address). If the download is not completed in your first attempt, please try again.

Each Internet browser will save the program a little bit differently: When using Netscape to download, you will receive a message telling you that you have started to download a file of type/x application. Select 'Save File'. The directory that the download will default to is C:/Program Files/Netscape Navigator. With Internet Explorer, you will get a pop-up window that tells you the name of the file you have chosen to download. A second window will pop-up asking if you would like to 'open the file' or 'save it to disk'. If you select 'open the file' it will download it and kick off the install. If you select 'save to disk' another window will appear and you can save the file to the appropriate directory on your PC. Of the two options, we recommend 'save to disk.' That way you can run the install process at your convenience after the download is completed.