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Video Create Solution FAQs

About Video Capture, it says " Failed to start preview". It also says TV tuner is not available for this video capture device.

One application could not be occupied by two software. Please be sure that only Video Capture is running this the application, and then try it again.

Where it saves files (video and .jpg) when using Video Capture Feature?

Please go to the install directly, mostly it is in C:\Program Files\McFunSoft Video Capture\OtherDevices\Default Note if you use DV Capture (or TV Tuner Capture) as the hardware, the file would be saved in C:\Program Files\McFunSoft Video Capture\DVCapture(or TVTunerCapture)\Default.

How can I add a water mark on my images or video files?

You can go to the interface of "capture setting" ,then click the button of 'overlay' to enter the overlay dialog, you can add the water mark such as images on your video files.

Can I export all files at once?

Yes, Flash Decompile Master supports to export all components of a SWF file at once. You can select all folders by checking the square box in front of them and right-click "Export Resource" or click "Export SWF resources" button located on ribbon bar to get all of them at once. If this SWF file is a little large, it will take more time to export.

Can I use Flash Decompile Master to export the text in SWF file into *.txt format? If so, how?

Yes, Flash Decompile Master support exporting text in SWF file into *.txt format. After open the SWF file in the program, please check the text element in Resource panel and then click "Export Resource" button. In Export Resource Dialog, you can see the file format for Text is selected to be *.txt format. If not, please choose Text (*.txt) option manually. Then you can export Text resource in *.txt format.

How to replace images?

1. Please, add Flash file to Resources list. You can refer to managing Resources list section to see how you can add/remove Flash files.
2. After you added the required Flash file, which objects you want to edit, please, switch to "Edit" tab, which is located at ribbon bar.
3. Then click main buttons at "Edit" tab, depending on what objects you want to edit.
4. Now you are able to replace currently selected image by your own one, All the results you can see in main player window just on the go.
5. After you edited objects you want, click "Save" button to save all the changes to current Flash file or "Save as ..." button to save new Flash file with applied changes.

How do I export a shape?

In Resource panel, please click on the [+] in front of Shape folder to expand it and show the contents. Click any shape to view it. Then pick the shape you want to export by checking the square box in front of it. Last, click the "Export..." button and select a directory to save. Now you have exported the shape successfully.